Manna Messenger Newsletter March / April 2021

March / April 2021 Newsletter


Forrest Nixon, a Feed My People Board Member at the time of his death on Christmas Day 2020, devoted countless hours to FMP in the area of human resources, leadership, and planning. His personal bequest will be part of the new Feed My People Endowment Fund, established through the St. Louis Community Foundation. Forrest’s endowment will allow his good work to continue.


The Feed My People Endowment Fund will allow us to grow, thrive, and continue to serve those in need, well into the future. This endowment, lasting in perpetuity, will retain all principal investments while only drawing on the interest earned.


Longtime Board Member and member of the Carol and John Deguire Legacy Society, Ann Corrigan, commented, “Forrest was a wonderful gift to Feed My People, a real mover and shaker. This endowment says that we’re not going anywhere and that we will continue to be a force for positive good in the future. I am thrilled about this”.


John Deguire, co-founder of Feed My People, remarked, “Working with the St. Louis Community Foundation is an opportunity to enlighten even more area donors to the good that Feed My People can do.”


Establishing this endowment empowers all our donors to honor loved ones for their generous hearts and love for mankind. If you would like to contribute to the Feed My People Endowment or if you have questions, please contact Executive Director Karen Lanter at 314-631-4900 x 306 or


For more information on how to add FMP to your estate plans, click here or contact Karen directly.


Thrift Stores at FMP

It may still feel like winter but spring is just around the corner and the Thrifty Hanger thrift stores are ready with all your Easter and Spring needs.   Looking to spruce up your home, decorate a special place, plan your next craft project, need a new mattress, or find the perfect addition to your wardrobe?  Shop the Covid-friendly Thrifty Hanger first.  We are always open to the public, have new merchandise daily, and rock bottom prices that your pocketbook will love.

Kid’s Spring Special  Buy One/Get One (BOGO) sale, on all children’s clothing from March 20 to April 1. 


Community Carryout & Sugarfire Smokehouse

Community Carry Out is a charitable fundraising effort in St. Louis that helps local restaurants and caterers struggling during the pandemic AND feeds the hungry in our community.


Sponsored by the St. Louis Community Foundation, local restaurants and caterers receive grants in exchange for the preparation of healthy and delicious meals, to be delivered to participating nonprofits and then distributed to neighbors in need. Feed My People clients, at both St. Louis County and High Ridge, were treated to meals from Sugarfire Smoke House.


Trying to find a COVID-19 Vaccine? Check out our list of COVID-19 Resources 

Filing Your 2020 Tax Return

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, enacted last spring, includes a special $300 deduction designed especially for people who choose to take the standard deduction, rather than itemizing their deductions.


Under this new change, individual taxpayers can claim an "above-the-line" deduction of up to $300 for cash donations made to charity during 2020. This means the deduction lowers both adjusted gross income and taxable income – translating into tax savings for those making donations to qualifying tax-exempt organizations.  Click to read more and always check with your tax advisor.

A Lasting Impact

Karen Lanter, MPA, CFRE, CAP®

Executive Director, Feed My People



For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Genesis 3:19.



All of us at one time or another have pondered the purpose of life. We are here with our earthly family and friends, if we are fortunate, 60, 70 or maybe 80 years, but really in the big picture, what impact do we make?


Many of us long to make a lasting impact, to establish something that outlives our mortal selves and hopefully contributes to the betterment of mankind. A great way is to begin with one’s family, creating a legacy of love and kindness. Remember the Family Crests of Medieval Europe? The Family Crest demonstrated what the family stood for, whether it be bravery, integrity, love of family – whatever.


What will your Family Crest be?

Feed My People’s mission is to show God's love and compassion to all His people, but particularly to His people in need. Your support of Feed My People through volunteerism, financial donations, gifts of food or thrift store items demonstrates to those you love, your family, what matters to you. This provides a great roadmap to your children and for their children to continue this positive path.


Donor Advised Funds

Some families share the joy of giving by establishing a Donor Advised Fund. Donor Advised Funds are a charity checkbook that provides an immediate tax deduction to donors while giving them the opportunity to recommend gifts to whatever 501(C)(3) charitable organizations they choose to support over time. Many families enlist their children and grandchildren in the effort of selecting which charities to support. Visit here to learn more.


Include Feed My People and/or the Charity of your choice in Your Estate Plans

Feed My People now has an endowment, money set aside to generate interest income into perpetuity to help the hungry in St. Louis. The principal is not spent. Establish a gift in your or your loved one’s name to support others. Show your generosity, whether through the support of Feed My People, your place of worship or other missions in which you believe.


Family matters

My estate plans include my leaving 5% each to a couple charities, my church and Feed My People. That way, I can make a statement to my surviving family and future generations about what mattered to me, while I still leave the bulk of my possessions to my child, as I choose.


However you choose to make an impact, it is worth it. One’s footprints need not disappear entirely. Leave a lasting message of love for those you love.

Help Us Build a Sustainable Stream of Revenue


Donations given monthly allow Feed My People to address long-range planning goals

including client needs, facility improvement, and staff training, to name a few.


Your donation, given monthly and in an amount that you choose, assures us that funds will be available to meet current goals while we set new targets for improving the lives of those we serve.

Famous Friends
Virtual Trivia Night

April 17, 2021 7PM - 10PM



Memorials and Tributes

*As of 2/16/21

Marie Asbury Mildred Hesse Phyllis Powers
     Linda Sorenson      Nancy Roenfeldt      Marshall and Priscilla Cobb
Jim Bachesta      Naomi Hildreth      H. Joe and Laura Stirmlinger, Jr.
     Sharon Bachesta      Chris Erkmann Mary Renner
Bonnie Barber      Dennis and Janae Schmidt      Susan Goen
     Janice and George Hartmann Janice Kroeger Arlene Rollins
Antoinette and William Berberich      Andreas and Deborah Aumer      Charles and Mary Rollins
     Jim and Stephanie Berberich Arnold Knippenberg Lambert Roy
     George and Mary Hettenhausen      Shirley Knippenberg      Pat Roy
     Joanne Strauss Herb and Marge Laudel Don Schindler
Robert Beitel      Douglas and Cynthia Laudel      Bruce and Charlotte Baumunk
     Robert and Harriet Beitel Sue Leonard Veronica Schutzenhofer
DeLura Brummet      Annette and Steve Adams      Mark and Mary Bauer
     Paul and Jaqueline Smith Ginny Macrum Philomena Skrob
Norman Burgdorf      Doris A. Moellering      Helena Abbott
     Ruth Lesser      Pat Mazanec      Thomas and Karen Andrus
Brad Carson Mark McAmish Bob Sontag
     Joan Carson      Monica McAmish-Barr      Mary Bridget Ward
Sylvia Cathers Elizabeth and Jay Meyer      Sharon Pisoni
     Ronald and Mary Hansen      Linda Meyer      Cathleen A. Carlyle
     Amy and Ken Wozniak Viola Miller ​​​​​​​     Ernest and Janet Velasco
     Jonathon and Amanda Hansen      CBG      Larry and Bonnie Wibbenmeyer
Katherine Condaxis      John and Faith Flynn      Mary Ann and Douglas Niewoehner
     Tom and Mersine Kallaos      Fred and Mary Aufderheide      Steven and Denise Levick
Larry Cullen      Randy Huetsch      Richard and Mary Roth
     Loyce and M Hayati Turan      Mildred Robbins      Thomas and Mary Brigid Fernandez
Ken and Keith Ellis      David and Susan Eddleman      Mary Maher
     Marilyn Ellis      Joan Fuchs      Joe and Mary Hennessy
Ronald Faszold      Mary Ann Shaw      Robert and Christine Kremer
     Robert and Cheryl Kurtz      Laverne and Arlie Ehlmann Robert Subert
Mary Fendler      James and Martha Fisher      Thomas and Shirley Dalton
     Sam and Ann Ventimiglia ​​​​​​​Joel Moomey Michael Suda
Norman Friedmeyer      Mary Maher      Ramona Suda
     Helen Wilhelm ​​​​​​​Jack Nahn Esther Tabbat
Mary Haliburton ​​​​​​​     LaVerne Nahn      Edward and Carol Kurmann
     Mark and Katherine Welsh ​​​​​​​Forrest Nixon Henry and Rose Von Rohr
Robert Hardt ​​​​​​​     Donna Jahnke      Joyce Gray
     Ruth Lesser Nicholas and Diane Pitzer Paul and Dorothy Welker
Mildred Horn ​​​​​​​     Carol Zoller      Larry and Bonnie Wibbenmeyer
     Charles and Carol Blazicek   Thomas White
         Stanley Koch​​​​​​​
John Falkenhain Dan and Janet Krewson Jim Roy and Mary Fran Lyons
     Joyce and Dennis Kruse      Peggy Hrnicek      Michael Peterson
Marilyn Faszold Sam Orlando Pat Roy
     Robert and Cheryl Kurtz      Jacqueline Zeller      Michael Peterson
John Hoernschmeyer Mary and Mark Robben Pat and Mary Tate
     Lynn Hargiss      William Lesyna      Jim and Carol Henry
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