Why I Chose Feed My People

  • Judy M. 

    Judy M. 

    (to protect privacy, this is not a client picture)


    Judy is living on SSI and the salary from her part time secretarial position. Her husband is in a care facility. “Coming to Feed My people keeps me from becoming overly frustrated and anxious about my budget. You always treat me like everyone else.”

  • Susan B.

    Susan B.

    (to protect privacy, this is not a client picture)


    Susan is a single mom with a unique communication disorder. Her son, aged 7, was looking forward to going back to school, especially after receiving back-to-school supplies from Feed My People. “I really didn’t know how I would be able to provide but you really brightened our day. Now he’s super anxious for school to begin.”

  • Anonymous


    (to protect privacy, this is not a client picture)


    This young family, struggling to feed themselves and their six children on two part-time salaries, needed the food support from Feed My People. Both parents are enrolled in EMT training because they want to “find a better place” for their family.” Now they also have hope for a better future.

  • Nina W.

    Nina W.


    “I began volunteering at Feed My People with my daughter to obtain her High School service hours. I enjoyed my time here so much I decided to stay as a regular on Wednesdays.”

  • Mary V.

    Mary V.


    Mary is a two-time cancer survivor. “Feed My People really cares. They send me cards and notes and even call to see how I’m doing. They are like family.” Mary likes to come in early for her appointment so that she can visit with the other clients. “It gives me purpose.”

  •  Joan



     At the urging of her son, Joan began coming to Feed My People because her fixed income left very little for food and personal care items. Food stamps weren’t enough. “I am truly grateful for all that Feed My People has given to me and my family.”

  • Karen L.

    Karen L.

    “Feed My People is a place where people can come together to do good. The focus can be helping others. Yet through this work, we receive the greatest reward of knowing the joy of giving. I am blessed to be able to use my skills to further this amazing organization.”
  • Jim M.

    Jim M.

    (to protect privacy, this is not a client picture)

    Jim has been living out of his truck for several months. He also has congestive heart failure and is often very ill. He goes to several food pantries but tells us that he prefers Feed My People because he doesn’t get hassled the way he does at other pantries. Maintaining client dignity has always been an FMP goal.
  • Mike A.

    Mike A.


    “Having personally experienced extreme poverty at various times in my life, and having encountered many other people who have fallen on hard times, I am particularly driven to use my IT skills to enable Feed My People to provide for those who are struggling.”

  • Mary N.

    Mary N.

    “I began volunteering 30 years ago after retiring and it just became part of my life. Volunteering at Feed My People is a very fulfilling and gratifying opportunity to help others in need. I also enjoy being with the other volunteers”
  • Mary H.

    Mary H.

    “I was a very busy wife and mother raising my family when someone very close to me suggested that I “make” time to join Feed My People which just happened to be in my neighborhood. "
  • Judy M.

    Judy M.

    “At Feed My People, I have the opportunity to not only serve people who are in need of food, but other help such as personal care items and special programs like the Adopt A Family Christmas event that is so appreciated by our clients.”
  • Cathy O.

    Cathy O.


    “The desire to help others and make a difference through what we do here at Feed My People motivates me each morning to come to work. In addition, working with the volunteers really motivates me since I get to learn so much from them every time.”

  • Stephanie B.

    Stephanie B.

    “I chose to work for FMP because I believed and continue to believe in their mission. After retiring, I wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives, not just providing them with food, but by giving them hope. I wanted to show them how to help themselves. Maintaining their dignity is so important. Along with my colleagues, I feel we do make a difference. One person, one family, and one day at a time.”
  • Gladys


    Gladys has been a Feed My People client since 2002 because food stamps weren’t enough to feed herself and her family. Now she is taking care of her two young grandchildren and is determined that they will be given every opportunity. “The Christmas programs that my family benefits from helps to really stretch my limited income. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you do me and my grandchildren.”
  • Judith S.

    Judith S.

    “I discovered Feed My People when we were driving down Hwy. 30 and I saw the Feed My People sign. It made me think about my parents who had 8 children and always made sure we had enough food on the table. I decided to become a volunteer at the High Ridge location and now I’m a full time employee. I am sure my parents are smiling down on me. Glad that I am working for a company that was started by such compassionate people, like John and Carol DeGuire.”
  • Nancy W.

    Nancy W.

    Nancy began volunteering about 12 years ago working in the food pantry. About 6 years later she transitioned to the Help Center as an interviewer. “Once I got to know some of the clients, I found the work to be even more personally rewarding. Helping them with their food needs doesn’t seem like much until you hear their grateful thanks.”
  • John C.

    John C.


    “Three years after the economic downturn in 2008, I was introduced to FMP, a world of caring and generous people who are willing to give of themselves in order for others to benefit. FMP is a very contagious place. The hard work that is asked of us is put second to the enjoyment received when a child's face lights up at an unexpected surprise or when a parent breaks down over the amount of food their family is receiving. I could not imagine a better job with such a wonderful work family of volunteers.”

  • Cecelia P.

    Cecelia P.

    “I love volunteering at FMP! It is a full service agency that deals with all aspects of a person’s needs. And working with other nice people is joy!”
  • Ted W.

    Ted W.


    “My grandfather had always encouraged volunteerism and I had volunteered in many places growing up. I was working towards a degree in Secondary Education and History, when I decided to apply at Feed My People. I’ve stayed these 24 years because when you do something good for others it makes you feel good, too. Working with others to reach a common goal is very rewarding.”