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When you go through deep waters I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2

Feed My People's mission is to show God's love and compassion to all His people, but particularly to His people in need. We are a Christian Food Pantry and Thrift Store located in both South County, St. Louis and High Ridge Missouri.


Everyone needs help from time to time. No matter who you are, what background you come from - or your age, tough times can come. Feed My People, is here to help you weather the storm.


The situations are many. Whether it is short term or you need help getting food in the long haul, count on Feed My People for so many situations.


  • The single parents trying to afford food with expensive daycare.
  • The recent or long-term unemployed trying to keep their homes and car payments made, while still needing food.
  • Those who live on a fixed-income forced to choose between medicine and food.
  • The homeless who need food to carry with them.
  • People in crisis who need help.


Feed My People can help. We know the challenges of juggling expenses when you face hardships. Let Feed My People help you feed yourself and your loved ones, when times are rough, as we have helped people since 1982.


Need a Job? Seeking job placement help? Click here.

Deguire Family Loss


Michael J. Ackerman, IT Coordinator, passed unexpectedly on Thursday, September 16, 2021. He was a single dad to Sophia, 11, and Phoebe, 22, a student at Truman University. In addition he has three grown daughters who each achieved professional success. Mike was a critical part of Feed My People, moving the organization into the computer age and keeping pace with changes. He allowed our organization to have robust computing power with computers he carefully rebuilt and updated.


Michael was born on 7/12/1959 and passed away on 9/16/2021. He began working in construction when he was a very young man and later became knowledgeable about computers. He will be remembered for his willingness to drop everything even on days off to assist staff and volunteers when they had any computing issue. Executive Director Karen Lanter used to say that Mike “was worth his weight in gold.” His willingness to solve whatever computer issue using his extensive knowledge saved our organization thousands and thousands of dollars. He was Feed My People’s Founders John and Carol Deguire’s son-in-law.


His passion was his children. He was the sole parent to Sophia and Phoebe. Because Mike worked part time, he was not part of Feed My People’s life insurance or any other benefits. He leaves his family unexpectedly and with few resources. John and Carol Deguire are now raising their granddaughter Sophie.


Feed My People is collecting donations for John and Carol Deguire to help them provide for Sophia and Phoebe. If you would like to help, please mail or drop off your check at either Feed My People. ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO "THE DEGUIRES".




“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away” – Romans 8:1


What's Happening at Feed My People?

  • Local Food Pantry Planning New Format, Allowing Choices For Those In Need Read More
  • FMP Receives Grant from Bayer Fund Read More
  • The Factory Michael Staenberg and The Factory of the District deserve a huge round of applause and thanks for their outstanding support of Feed My People and the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry.
  • Feed My People in the News Read More
  • FMP's Thrift Store Discounts for 9/4/21 - 9/10/21
  • Tracy Family Foundation Feed My People is grateful to the Tracy Family Foundation for their $10,000 gift to transform Feed My People’s Food Pantry in South County into a Client Choice pantry.

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Know anyone who could benefit from Feed My People?

Feed My People is here to help. Feed My People South County provides groceries up to two times a calendar month to families seeking help, while our High Ridge location gives out groceries every two weeks to families seeking help. Those who are homeless are welcome to come as often as needed.


Feed My People is accepting new clients at both locations (South County and High Ridge). Learn more


Please call for an appointment: Appointment line opens at 8:30AM

South County: High Ridge:
171 Kingston Drive, St. Louis 63125     3295 Ottomeyer Road, High Ridge 63049 
314-631-4900 636-677-9885
Mon through Fri   10AM - 3PM   Tues through Fri   10AM - 2PM
Sat   9AM - 12:30PM Sat   9AM - 1PM

Food Pantry Tax Credit (MO-FPT)


Thank you for your support of Feed My People. 


MO-FPT allows any taxpayer (individual, corporation, or trust) that makes a donation of cash or food supplies to a local food pantry, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen to receive a credit of up to $2,500 per taxpayer, per year. The taxpayer may take a credit of 50 percent of their donations. Learn More


To secure a signature on your MO-FPT form, please email Cathy, Accounting Manager, at CathyO@fmpstl.org or leave a voicemail at 314-631-4900 ext. 307.


Factory Fresh Mattress!

Luxury Sleeping at Affordable Prices.

Want to know more about how to leave your mark (no matter the size) on the world by caring for others? Click here

The Factory

Michael Staenberg and The Factory at The District deserve a huge round of applause and thanks for their outstanding support of Feed My People and the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry. On Saturday, June 12, nearly 500 people attended a fantastic preview party at The Factory of The District. Located in Chesterfield, The Factory is one of the anchors in the new entertainment complex – The District. The Factory is surrounded by restaurants, shops and entertainment options designed to appeal to everyone. The Factory boasts a growing number of bands scheduled to perform in St. Louis. Learn more by visiting here. The Factory offers a unique and fun concert experience and boasts some of the best acoustics in the industry.




All money donated to this event directly supports people who are hungry in St. Louis. To make a donation, click here.


Tracy Family Foundation

Feed My People is grateful to the Tracy Family Foundation for their $10,000 gift to transform Feed My People’s Food Pantry in South County into a Client Choice pantry. We recently announced plans to open a grocery store-style food pantry that will allow customers to select their own products to support personal preferences, dietary restrictions and nutritional needs.


“When our shoppers get to make their own food decisions rather than receiving a pre-selected box of food, nutritional status improves and waste is dramatically reduced,” Karen Lanter, executive director, said in a press release. “We’ll be able to see what healthy food choices are most popular and tailor our food procurement to match those nutritious preferences. It’s a way to show dignity and respect to others by honoring their personal food choices and needs.”


Learn more about the Tracy Family Foundation and their impact on the community HERE.

Donate A Vehicle.
Feed People.

Does it have wheels and a motor? Want to clear out your garage of old vehicles, including motorcycles, snowmobiles or automobiles? No title necessary. We do all the work.


For more information about donating a vehicle to fight hunger, click here. Be sure to select Feed My People as the charity. Our auto donation program provides fast pickup, while giving you the chance to help your neighbor. 

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  • South County
    171 Kingston Dr.
    St. Louis, MO 63125
  • High Ridge
    3295 Ottomeyer Road
    High Ridge, MO 63049
  • South County

  • High Ridge

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