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Thrift Store at Feed My People

Make Feed My People a part of your Christmas Shopping this year!

Our thrift stores, which started as a client program, are open to the public. They are stocked completely with generous donations we receive from people like you.


Affordably priced clothing and shoes, household items, small electronics, and books help our community save money while providing a source of revenue for our programs.


Shop Feed My People's Thrifts for Christmas!

ORANGE tags 75% off

GREEN tags 50% off

YELLOW tags 25% off

Enjoy ongoing fresh inventory at both the South County and High Ridge Thrifty Hangers. Open to the public. Make Feed My People a shopping stop this Christmas season. This social enterprise supports caring for those in need.


South County: Monday-Thursday 10-6, Friday, 10-3, Saturday, 9-2      
High Ridge: Monday through Friday: 10-3, Saturday: 9-2

Factory Fresh Mattress!

Luxury Sleeping at Affordable Prices.
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