Virtual Trivia Nights

  • January Virtual Trivia Night
    Decade Dilemmas: Rockin' the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s!

    Trivia Night will now be a unique virtual night of fun and games!


    • Register as part of or as an entire table of 8 for the January Virtual (ZOOM) Trivia Night.

    • Registration limited to first 100 persons per event.

    • Not familiar with Zoom? Not a problem! We will walk you through it.

    • Participants can log in from different locations or gather your virtual table of 8 in one location.

    • All registered participants will be emailed a Virtual Trivia Night kit prior to trivia.


  • Register, Trivia is Open!

    Join us for an evening of Fun, Friends, Family and Food as we raise money for those who live with food insecurity.


    Not familiar with Zoom? Not a problem! Team members can log in from different locations.

    January 16, 2021 • Decade Dilemmas, (Rockin’ the 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80s)

Trivia Night FAQs:

Do I need to have my table members all in one location?

NO! You and your table mates need not be in the same room.  Each member of your table will join ZOOM via a link sent to you prior to the event.  ZOOMing via computer or tablet is the preferred method.  ZOOMing by phone does not work.


Downloading ZOOM?  If you do not have the ZOOM app downloaded to your computer, click on this link and download ZOOM for Meetings.  All table members should download ZOOM to the device they will use to play trivia.


Invitation to ZOOM Meeting.   Please send email addresses for your team members, that will be playing remotely, by end of day on January 14 and a Table Name for your group.  Everyone will receive an event invitation from Feed My People on Friday.   You must click on the link in the event invitation to register for Foodies Unite on ZOOM.  It is best to do this just before joining Trivia on Saturday.  Follow the directions and ZOOM will send you another link that allows you to enter Decade Dilemmas trivia. 


When does trivia night begin?  You can begin logging into Zoom as early as 6:30pm, the day of the event.  We encourage everyone to login early to be sure you are connected before event begins at 7pm.


How will my table be identified or grouped together?  Each table will have their own ZOOM Room for discussing questions and visiting as a team. No one else will be able to hear you or your discussions.


How will we get questions?  Questions will be shared with each ZOOM Room at the beginning of each Round.  There will be 6 rounds of 10 questions.  Our emcee, Shawn Sanner, will give directions throughout the evening.


How will we submit our answers?  Your table will choose one person to tabulate your answers.   That designated person will email your table’s answers to the emcee.  Directions will be given before start of trivia.


How will winners be determined?  Because this is a virtual event, there is no way we can fairly identify winners.   Scores will be posted at the end of each round for friendly competition.


What more should I know?  Look for the costume flyer.  Best themed group wins a PRIZE!


Any other questions?  Email Jane


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