Planned Giving

Leave a Legacy of Kindness

A planned gift is a lasting investment in Feed My People, advancing our mission and ensuring our ability to provide food and other help to people crisis, as we have done for more than 35 years. We invite you to leave a legacy for tomorrow by considering one of the planned giving opportunities below.


Feed My People’s Tax I.D. number is 43-1264877

Contact Us To Discuss Planned Giving Opportunities:



Stephanie Berberich, Executive Director, would be happy to answer your questions regarding Planned Giving and provide information on gift strategies that can help you support Feed My People’s mission to help individuals and families as they struggle.

  • Include Feed My People in your Will or Trust

    Give the gift that keeps giving long after you are gone. Individuals not have to be rich to leave a legacy of giving. They only need to define what matters to them, what creates passion within them. Deciding to make an ultimate gift (a gift made after death) offer all of us the chance to share who we are. It allows us to show our children and other surviving family members the importance of giving back. Finally, it gives joy and a sense of peace.


    Designate a particular asset or a percentage of your estate to Feed My People through including a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust. You can do this while creating your will or trust, or you can amend an existing one with a simple document.


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  • Gives that Provide for Heirs and/or Provide Income

    A charitable lead trust (CLT) is a gift of cash or other property to an irrevocable trust. Feed My People would receive an income stream from the trust for a term of years. Depending on how the trust is structured, you would enjoy a current income, gift, or estate tax deduction on the donated assets. After the income stream period ends, the remainder assets are distributed to the non-charitable beneficiaries. This gift is very good to make in the current economy as the lower the federal interest rate, the higher the income or gift tax deduction.

    A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a gift of cash or other property to an irrevocable trust. You would receive an income stream from the trust for a term of years or for life, and Feed My People receives the remaining trust assets at the end of the trust term. You would receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction when the CRT is funded based on the present value of the assets that will eventually go to the named charity.


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  • Change of Beneficiary Designations

    A beneficiary designation is one of the simplest ways to make a gift to Feed My People. No need to get a lawyer. It's literally as easy as filling out a form. 

    You can specify the individuals and charities you want to support and you can also specify the percentage of the assets you want each beneficiary to receive. Beneficiary designations are available when giving the following assets:


    Retirement Assets - An alternative to a bequest gift is to designate Feed My People as the beneficiary of your retirement assets. You can control the transfer of these assets at your death without changing your will or living trust. All you need to do is request (and complete) a new beneficiary designation form from your plan administrator. There is no need to modify your will or living trust.

    A gift of retirement assets has the added advantage of being among the most tax-wise ways to make an estate gift. Your retirement assets, if left to individuals, will be subject to income tax when they receive distributions and, in the case of most non-spouses, those distributions must take place within 10 years, potentially pushing designated beneficiaries into higher tax brackets. With a gift to a non-profit such as Feed My People, 100 percent of the funds are available for its charitable purposes. If you want to remember us in your estate plan, it is often better to leave other types of assets – cash, securities, real estate – to your heirs and give the more heavily taxed retirement asset to Feed My People.

    Life Insurance - Life Insurance policies can also be used to make a gift to the Feed My People. Complete and return to the insurance company a form designating that the Feed My People receives all or a portion of the death benefit associated with your life insurance policy.


    Other Assets:

    Commercial Annuity Contracts - a commercial annuity will sometimes have a remaining value at the end of the annuitant’s lifetime. You can name Feed My People to receive all or part of this amount by designating it as a beneficiary (sole or partial) on the appropriate form from the insurance company.

    Bank Accounts - you can instruct your bank to pay Feed My People all or a portion of what remains in a checking or savings account. Your bank can provide you with the appropriate beneficiary designation form.

  • Retained Life Estate

    Through a retained life estate, you transfer ownership of your home or farm to Feed My People, while retaining the right to live in the property. With interest rates low, this gift has a lot of tax advantages for home owners.

Retained Life Estates Make (Cents)!

“I love Feed My People. I am removing the hassle of selling my home from my children after I am gone. I will live in the home for the rest of my life, but after I am gone, it becomes Feed My People’s and I get a $92,000 tax deduction on a $120,000 house.  Feed My People serves people in a way they know their dignity is intact.” – Joe Richardson


  • IRA Charitable

    Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), which are tax-free gifts directly from an IRA. If you are 70.5 or older, and you have a traditional IRA, this is the smartest way to give back to Feed My People, because the gifts are always tax free, regardless of whether you itemize deductions on your tax returns. 


    Facts about IRA Charitable Rollovers

  • Charitable Gift

    • Pays an income stream to donor during life. Remainder at death goes to Feed My People.
    • Donor receives current income tax deduction.
    • Annuity payments are taxable income to donor.
    • Reduces estate tax.
    • Can replace dollar value of the donated asset for heirs (at a discount).
  • Memorial/Tribute

    Are you looking for a meaningful way to honor a loved one’s memory or to celebrate a holiday, birthday, wedding, or other special occasion? Making a donation as a gift for someone is the perfect way to celebrate a loved one while supporting Feed My People.

  • Outright Gifts

    Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

  • Stocks and Bonds

    Consider your long-term publicly traded stock for a charitable donation or ask your advisor about the best asset to contribute.
  • The Legacy Society

    The Carol and John Deguire Legacy Society is dedicated to those families and individuals who have made a decision to include Feed My People in their final plans.


    Meet our donors and learn more about their decision to support the future of Feed My People’s work.



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