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FMP's Thrift Store Discounts for 3/27/21 - 4/2/21

GREEN tags 25% off

ORANGE tags 50% off


Enjoy ongoing fresh inventory at both the South County and High Ridge Thrift Stores. Open to the public.



This social enterprise supports caring for those in need.


NEW HOURS at BOTH locations!

South County High Ridge
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am-4pm Monday - Friday 10am-4pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm
Saturday 9am-3pm  
Follow the bunny, he has chocolate!

Feed My People received donations from some generous Easter bunnies. St Martin United Church-Christ Women's Group, located at 3229 High Ridge Blvd., donated 25 filled Easter baskets and Kirkwood House, a Senior Retirement Center located at 385 S Taylor Ave., donated 60 filled Easter baskets along with easter print face masks to distribute to clients.




Visit to find out more about St. Martin United Churh-Christ.

Feed My People receives meals from Steve’s Hotdogs and Burgers

Feed My People is fortunate to receive 50 hotdog meals from Steve’s Hotdogs and Burgers, located at 3457 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118. Steve Ewing, owner, explained why his restaurant is feeding the hungry, “Soon as the pandemic began, we wanted to feed the kids, since the school were closed. It just grew from there, first children, then First Responders and then the homeless.  TV personality, entrepreneur, advocate & philanthropist Marcus Lamonis heard about Steve’s work and contributed $20,000 to help Steve expand his food giveaway to even more people who are needy. Feed My People is truly grateful.



You can learn more about Steve’s Hotdogs and Burgers by visiting and Marcus Lemonis at

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  • Give Help During The Covid-19 Crisis

    Order non-perishable food and home care products from the ease of your home and have them delivered to either Feed My People location 171 Kingston Drive, 63125 or 3295 Ottomeyer Road, 63049

  • Our Food Pantry Sees Uptick

    Not surprisingly, Feed My People is seeing a growing number of people in crisis, needing emergency food. More children are hungry as well, due to school closures. Finally, the grocery stores do not have as much excess food to share, meaning Feed My People needs your help more than ever. Feed My People provides a critical safety net for people in crisis. That time is now. Give
  • Paycheck Protection Program

    Feed My People, one of the St. Louis area’s largest food pantries, has watched demand for its services jump while prospects for donations and revenue fell as the coronavirus spread.

    PPP loan details: $169,700, which will cover about eight weeks of payroll to help avoid furloughing workers

  • Serving Those In Need

    Feed My People’s South County and High Ridge locations now feature a drive-up service to allow clients, volunteers and staff to maintain proper social distancing while seeing that the food needs of our clients are met. Clients are urged to keep their appointments, but may call to make, reschedule or cancel an appointment if necessary.

    South County: 314-631-4900 or High Ridge: 636-677-9885

  • Honor Our Heroes

    Thank you for helping Feed My People feed the hungry through Covid19 pandemic. We want to shine the spotlight on the volunteers and staff who make it possible.
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