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September / October 2021 Newsletter














Stepping Stones Towards Change


Have you heard that Feed My People will be transforming into a "Client-Choice" pantry? This transformational project will offer people the opportunity to choose food for themselves and their families.

Having the opportunity to work personally with a coach, members in South County will receive Client Choice while getting one-on-one help to overcome challenges. This way members can receive more holistic community services from Feed My People.


Our Transformation Program provides the people we serve with additional help in areas of need such as:

  • Building an Employable Resume
  • Rental Assistance
  • Connecting them with Local Pharmacies
  • Referring them to a Spiritual Counselor
  • Utility Assistance


By giving people the freedom of client choice, they have access to better nutrition. Research shows that people who can choose their own food and meet with a coach at least once a month are more likely to succeed in whatever they pursue. It can also contribute to them becoming more independent and gain a sense of self-worth.

We encourage you to donate to Feed My People or host a fundraiser on our behalf so we can better serve our community! Stay tuned on our website ( and our social media to see what's next!



As we finish the Summer of 2021, I think about how life provides us with different seasons: a season of youth and innocent abandonment, another of raising family, experiencing marriage, birth of children and the loss of loved ones. Finally, we have the season of old age, where wisdom is combined with frailty. Through these stages, we weave a patchwork of life - we make a life.


Rich or poor, all of us experience these seasons. Feed My People provides people, no matter the time, with hope and refreshment. Whether you are a young person trying to pay bills while going to college or an aged retiree in the sunset of life, our food provides nourishment, our volunteers and staff provide listening ears to those who need to talk and our social services help provide a vital safety net for people who are struggling. In addition, Feed My People provides a slice of life after retirement for more than 400 active volunteers. These folks get to experience the joy of giving back every time they come to Feed My People to volunteer.


The more than 25 churches that support our ministry, our partners-these organizations provide vitality to Feed My People enabling us to offer their members love and support, whether they come for assistance or to volunteer. The community organizations, schools, entertainment venues, corporations and governmental bodies give Feed My People the strength to offer all of us the chance to feel the joy of being good to others. This gift is impossible to price. It is immeasurable and beautiful. It is through these good works that Feed My People has planted great intentions within our communities for almost 40 years.


As Feed My People prepares to transform our South County Food Pantry into a client-choice pantry offering a grocery store-like setting, we prepare to “pluck up that which is planted.” From many years of lasting and deep community support of this great organization. What is planted is the support and concern of thousands of local people who support our mission faithfully. Without you, Feed My People is nothing. God bless you!


Virtually Yours,


Karen Lanter, MPA, CFRE, CAP®

Executive Director, Feed My People





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