Manna Messenger Newsletter May / June 2021

March / April 2021 Newsletter

BECAUSE OF YOU... Covid-19 A Year Later


One lesson the pandemic has taught us is that everyone needs help from time to time. Covid changed so many lives. FMP is here to help weather the storm, either short term or for the long haul.


Flexibility in meeting our customer’s needs is critical,states Karen Lanter, Feed My People Executive Director


As a result, new pantry hours were introduced to accommodate current clientelle and also emergency food requests. Like everyone, Feed My People has learned how to operate efficiently and effectively despite limitations resulting from the pandemic.


Our patrons report great satisfaction with Covid- friendly pantry operations including the increased availability of food, the use of sanitized carts for each order, masking, and social distancing. We will continue to update safe practices based on CDC and local government guidelines.


Amazing numbers of people have stepped forward, going above and beyond, to help feed those impacted by Covid-19. Churches have implemented the “Bags by the Bumper” campaign and resurrected the Meal a Month Program. You can help, too HERE


Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Affton, conducted a vaccine clinic for FMP staff, volunteers and customers at the South County location on Friday, April 9. One hundred eleven persons received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.




Spring 2021

     Tired of waking up with a bad back? Sick of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable? Don’t want to spend outrageous dollars, but really need a good night’s sleep? Shop the Feed My People Thrift Store for a King, Double Sided, Pillow Top Mattress for an unbeatable price of $250. (Great savings on all sizes)

Our factory fresh, remanufactured mattresses meet the same quality standards of comfort, freshness and durability as a new mattress, without the high price. You’ll be so glad you shopped the Feed My People Mattress Sale.

Get ready for Mom’s Special Day, Sunday, May 9 and don’t forget Dad on June 20. The thrift store has lots of gift choices for both Mom or Dad. Not sure what to buy? Give a gift certificate, in an amount that you choose, for Mom or Dad’s very own shopping spree.


SOUTH COUNTY: M-W-F: 10AM-4PM    Tues-Thurs: 10AM-6PM    Sat: 9AM-3PM

HIGH RIDGE: M-T-W-TH-F: 10AM-4PM    Sat: 9AM-3PM

Feed My People is Transforming


     With Easter, comes rebirth. From time to time everyone and everything needs to be renewed, whether it is the paint on your front porch or dedication you put into your marriage, career, whatever. From time to time, we regroup and come out stronger.


     The same thing is true with Feed My People. Over the past year, Feed My People has been updating, improving and seeing how we can do a better job in serving people in need. We came up with a few areas of focus.


  • Hours. Feed My People will be open more hours to be ready to care for people when need strikes. See our expanded hours:

SOUTH COUNTY                                     HIGH RIDGE

 171 Kingston Drive, 63125                        3295 Ottomeyer Road, 63049

314-631-4900                                            636-677-9885

Mon-Wed-Fri: 10am - 3pm                        Tues thru Fri: 10am - 2pm

Tues-Thurs: 10am - 6pm                           Sat: 9am - 1pm

Sat: 9am - 12:30pm                                   



  • Easier Appointment Setting. During April and May, 2021, Feed My People is adding additional phone lines in South County to make reaching us simpler. In addition, we will begin offering, in both High Ridge and South County, online FOOD pantry appointment setting. People in need will be able to set their appointments to get food at Feed My People using their smart phone or computer. Watch for our announcement that we have implemented these improvements.


  • More Modern Thrift Stores. Our quality inventory of gently used items is now continually updated (weekly) with fresh inventory. South County’s thrift store has received a full face lift during this past year and, along with High Ridge, offers a fun shopping experience for people of all ages.


  • Services will be more customized. As Feed My People plans to reopen the Food Pantry from a drive-through model to face-to-face assistance, look to us to continually see people in need as we would ourselves in a bad situation. Everyone gets into a fix from time to time. Feed My People is ready to help people in the short and the long-term.


We have more surprises planned to better serve our communities. Just know that it is only through you that we continue this vital work. Thank you.


Virtually yours,

Karen Lanter, MPA, CFRE, CAP®

Executive Director, Feed My People


United We Stand Trivia Night, September 11, 2021.

Knowing that some are ready to be “live” while others prefer “live-streaming”, we have planned an event that should appeal to all.

Tables of eight can choose to play live and in person or remotely using ZOOM.

Bigger and Better than ever is our combined

Manna March Walk Against Hunger and Community Fall Festival

Saturday and Sunday, October 9 & 10 Look for all the exciting details, coming soon!



Meet Rachel and George Carvalho, owners of Brasilia, located at 3212 South Grand Avenue, 63118. Brasilia is one of many successful international bistros in the heart of South St. Louis.

As part of the Community Foundation’s Community Carryout Program, Brasilia provided 80 delicious, full-sized meals to FMP for distribution to people needing help. South County food pantry customers were excited to receive these carryout dinners; a real “take-out” treat.

The third restaurant owned and operated by the Carvalho’s, Brasilia offers covid-friendly in-house dining, carryout and curbside pick-up. Make your reservation at 314-932-1034 or visit their website HERE


Memorials and Tributes


*As of 04/12/21

Antoinette and William Berberich Jeanette Honerkamp
     Jim and Stephanie Berberich      Dorothy Light
Clarence Beeson Elaine Kain
     Jim and Shirley Arbet      Ruth Lesser
Jean Behr Doris Kaplan
     Riffle Foundation      Advanced Textiles Co.
Joseph Berliner Rev. Arno Krentz
     Ruby Schweppe      Jay Giulvazean
Susan Berra Janice Kroeger
     Don and Susan Berra      Andreas and Deborah Aumer
Dorothy Beseda Herbert Laudel
     Martin Cliffe, Sr.       Douglas Laudel
     Evelyn Huffmeier Elizabeth Maas
     Linda Mooy      Steve and Janet McAllister
     Charlotte Smith Gerri Mueller
Thomas Bowe      Linda Bernstein
     Diane Austin John Obermann
DeLura Brummet      Mary Ellen Ritzie 
     Paul and Jaqueline Smith      Frederick Robinson
James Bryant      Betty Robinson
     James and Barbara Bryant Jeanie Oster
Brad Carson      Tom and Shirley Uhlmansiek
     Joan Carson Loretta Paszkiewicz
Paul Clausen      Ronald Herman, Jr.
     Sheila and Bill Dettmann Jennifer Kirsten Rhea
Liz Combs      John and Charissa Clark
     Lloyd and Diana Rudloff Helen Rogles
Deanna Coudle      Robert and Susan Ruzicka
     Bethesda Orchard Residents Assoc. Lambert Roy
Kenneth Fanger      Gerard Utterback
     Richard and Marilyn King Jack and Florence Salkin
George Fank      Advanced Textiles Co.
     Ronald Herman, Jr. George Sandusky 
Ronald Faszold      Phyllis Sandusky 
     Jenna Shiver Randy Schuessler
Earnie and Gerri Forehand      Ruth Lesser
     Ed and Cindy Lahue Richard Schweppe
Moritz Gapsch      Ruby Schweppe
     William and Kathy Franke Marvin and Elizabeth Stratmann
Billie Joe Grider      Christine Stratmann
     Dawn Legrand Lawrence Washburn
     Laborers Int’l Union of No. America #110      Rita Washburn
Mary Haliburton Paul and Dorothy Welker 
     Betty J. Stephens      Cletus M. Schnurbusch 
       Rebecca Schnurbusch 

*As of 04/12/21

Ann Corrigan

Carol Powers

Bonnie Dattoli

Tonnie Monroe Wasem

Linda Meyer ~ Happy Birthday!

Dick and Leslie Renz

Ted West

Alvin and Mary Lou Farrow

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