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How It Works

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Why walk against hunger? Is it for human dignity,  just the right thing to do? Whether standing up for children not going to bed hungry or to support your community, join us in taking a stand against hunger. 


Get Started

Now that you know how each page works, it’s time to get out there and fundraise! Once you claim your page and log in, give these three steps a try to get yourself started:


1. Register to Participate – All gifts to your fundraising page will not only be credited to you and/or your team, but they will also directly help individuals and families coping with food insecurity.  Step up to help the one in nine children who go to bed hungry in the greater St. Louis area. 


2. Create a Personal Fundraising Page - Once you register, you can create a personal or team giving page. Follow the prompts provided to quickly make changes . The more personal you make your page, the more likely people will make a gift. Easily share the link and invite others who also want to support people who are hungry during this most difficult time. All donations are credited to you and your team (if you have one). 

For example, if you are a member of a team and a friend donates $50 to your Manna March Fundraiser Page, then the total on your Manna March Fundraiser Page and yourTeam Page will show a $50 increase.

3. Reach Out to Friends and Family Invite your friends, colleagues, family, neighbors to join. We make it easy. Make a list of 10 people you’d like to ask and then reach out to them directly, via phone, text, email or even in person. A direct ask is more likely to be successful and will help build your fundraising confidence.


4. Spread the Word – Use social media to let all your friends and family know you are fundraising for Feed My People. We suggest trying to make one post a week so that people get multiple reminders.



Don’t Forget! Your workplace can also be a great place for fundraising. Not only can you ask your co-worker to join you in supporting Feed My People, but don’t forget to check about your company’s matching gift policy to help double your impact!


Need A Helping Hand? We are here for you! Please contact Sara at with any questions or concerns you might have.


Your Gifts Help All donations to Manna March benefit the mission of Feed My People, “to show God’s Love and compassion to all His children, particularly His children in need”. Your support means that we can continue to offer programs that directly help our client families; Scheduled and Emergency Food Assistance, Job Counseling, Back to School Needs, Christmas Programs, Healthy Families, Healthy Kids, and Healthy Homes Programs.


Did you know that:

$5 - Provides emergency food assistance for one person in need.

          $10 - Provides food, 3 meals, for a family of 4 in need.

          $25 - Provides food, 3 meals/3 days for a family of 4 in need.

          $50 - Furnishes a family of 4 with food for 1 week.

          $100 - Furnishes a family of 4 with food for 1 week, a gas card, and vouchers

for clothing at the Thrifty Hanger at Feed My People thrift store.


No matter the size, each gift you receive to your fundraising page will make a difference for our clients and their families.

Thank You!

On behalf of the over 1000 families served each month at Feed My People, thank you for joining in the Manna March.

We are grateful for your support. This page provides you with step by step instructions to help your friends and family get started on the right foot.