“To show God’s love and compassion to all His people, but particularly to His people in need.”

Thank you to all of our VOLUNTEERS for your hard work and dedication to our mission.

Unsung Heroes

(Doing big things with little recognition)

Wally Rains joined High Ridge FMP in April 2000 and manages the bread counter on Tuesdays. Wally comes in half days now and rarely arrives later than 8 am. She even brings her grandson to volunteer during the summer months. We love seeing your smiling face, Wally. Thank you for being here.

Liz Foster began volunteering at the South County Thrift Store in October 2005. Liz works behind the scene pricing items for the sales floor. We miss Liz’s smiling eyes since the start of Covid but are happy she is safe at home.



February through March 2021

South County:

  • 1 Year

    Jackie Bayer

    Lynne Crank

    Margaret Klein

    Donna Lake

    Jim Mrocaknowski

    Wendy Murphy

    S. Barbara Neist

    Paula Pierson

    Donna Proffer

    Susan Tranchilla

    Ken Weckermeyer

  • 5 Years

    Ralph Capriano

    Kathie Green

    Sharon Langhammer

    Nelson Sansing

    Liz Volansky
  • 10 Years

    Ellen Sanders
  • 15 Years

    Dave Trask
  • 20 Years

    Claire Becher

    Bob Hacke

    Tom Schoenbeck

  • 25 Years

High Ridge:

  • 1 Year

    Shawn Ard

    Paul Badyett

    Michael Connors

    Favier Craig

    Stan Koch

    Clayton Port

    Heather Sears

    Vincent Sears

    Emma Wofford
  • 5 Years

    Lea Burgess
  • 10 Years

    Janet Lammert
  • 15 Years

    Jo Spring
  • 20 Years

    Frank Hummel
  • 25 Years

    Dot Callahan

Welcome New Volunteers!

  • South County

    Elizabeth Walsh

    Jean Lauman

    David Minor

    Larry Albrecht

    Rick Lukasek

  • High Ridge

    Mia Hope

    Coleen Oakes

Happy New Year, 2021!

It has been over 38 years since John and Carol DeGuire founded Feed My People. We are so grateful for the incredible number of volunteers who have loyally and tirelessly served this organization. However, the 2020 pandemic changed things dramatically. To further protect our volunteers, staff and clients, both Feed My People locations now have air scrubber technology that continually removes 99.9% of harmful contaminants from our buildings. As the vaccines become available, administered, and your health permits, we welcome you to once again consider joining us, on-site, as a volunteer. Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator, Stephanie Berberich, 314-631-4900 x 315, when you are ready to come back.


Thank you to the volunteers that helped make the 2020 Adopt-a-Family and Giving Tree programs so successful. Adopt-a-Family volunteers in High Ridge were Linda Zilch, Sharon Majoros and Roy Cayton. In South County, Judy McBrady and Sharon Komerous spearheaded this program. High Ridge Giving Tree program volunteers who manned the Elf Shop were Shelley Duff, Phil Bicklein, Mark Duchow and Tracey Emerson. The South County Giving Tree volunteers included Marie and Tami Blasi, Karen Kampmann, Jackie and Alyssa Coplin, Nancy Brewer, Morgan Jurphy, Donna Proffer, Jeannie Burkemper, Bev Ervin, Barb Jakubeck, Anna Huebner, Lillia Roland, Malaina Wright, and Sara Leay.

“My name is Bob and I am writing this short letter to thank you for your service in suppling food to the unfortunate people who are in need of help due to extreme circumstances. I have been receiving food from your wonderful organization for the past 5-years, and if not for Feed My People I would have died a long time ago. Everybody that works for Feed My People are special, by that I mean the courtesy and be­ing very nice and helpful I cannot describe to what I feel in my heart. Thank you for doing this wonderful work. May GOD almighty bless all of you and Merry Christmas & Happiest of New Year”


In Loving Remembrance

Roseann Scotti, High Ridge volunteer, passed on October 16, 2020. Virginia (Ginny) Macrum, former FMP bookkeeper and recent HR volunteer passed on October 29. Phyllis Powers, South County volunteer, passed on November 3. FMP Board Member, Forrest Nixon, passed on December 25


    Why Do You Choose to Volunteer at Feed My People?


    Because so many people have been out of work, furloughed or lost their jobs during the pandemic, shoppers are looking for a broad inventory of low cost items and great deals when they shop. The Thrifty Hanger thrift stores have been busy!


    Masks are mandatory, social distance is strongly encouraged and routine sanitizing is done throughout the day.


    Come on in and see our great fall items...it’s great shopping weather!