Feed My People cares about your health. 


In an effort to ensure that Feed My People is a safe place, we encourage all employees and volunteers to get the COVID-19 vaccine.


St. Louis Area COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Sites


MO Department of Health (DHSS) https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/ 24-hour hotline: (877) 435-8411
St. Louis County Health Department https://Stlcorona.com (314) 615-0400
Jefferson County Health Department https://jeffcohealth.org/covid19-vaccine (636) 797-3737
St. Luke's Hospital https://lukesvaccine.com (314) 542-7691
SSM Health https://ssmhealth.com/COVIDVaccine (314) 687-2663
Mercy Health https://mercy.net/MOVaccine (314) 251-0500
BJC HealthCare https://bjc.org/Coronavirus/Covid-19-Vaccines  
Walmart https://walmart.com/COVIDvaccine  
Sam's Club https://samsclub.com/covid  
CareSTL Health https://carestlhealth.org/ (314) 367-5820
Affinia Health https://affiniahealthcare.org (314) 833-2777
Compass Health Network https://compasshealthnetwork.org/ Toll free: (844) 853-8937
Walgreens * create an account on Walgreens.com  


* This list will be updated as new resources are available.

Why is the Vaccine Important?


• The vaccine will help keep you from getting COVID-19 •

• The vaccine is a safer way to help build protection •

• The vaccine will be an important tool to help stop the pandemic •

• Contracting COVID-19 could lead to other health issues •

• The vaccine is safe and effective •


Wearing masks and social distancing help reduce your chance of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to

others, but these measures are not enough. 


If you need assistance registering for the vaccine, please use the links above for resources or contact

Stephanie via email or message at (314) 631-4900 ext. 315

COVID-19 Vaccine News

Thousands to be vaccinated at 8 St. Louis and St. Charles events

St. Louis County and St. Charles County are hosting several mass vaccination events with the help of the state over the next two weeks.


Read the full story on FOX2 NOW

2,000 school employees to be vaccinated in St. Louis County

The St. Louis County Health Department is holding its first mass vaccination event Tuesday and Wednesday for those who are pre-registered.


Read the full story on FOX2 NOW

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