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Our small, dedicated staff at both the Lemay and High Ridge locations supports the Feed My People mission.
Robert Wessels Executive Director
Tina Lansford Chief Financial Officer
Ted West Daily Operations Manager (So. Cnty.)
Roy Wunsch Special Events/Thrift Stores Manager
Jane Keuss Public Relations Coordinator
Wendi Neckameyer Development Specialist
Sara Becker Secretary to the Executive Director
Michael Ackerman I.T. Coordinator
Stephanie Berberich  Employment/Volunteer Coordinator
Mary Hettenhausen Asst. Daily Operations (High Ridge)
John Christopher Food/Driver Coordinator (High Ridge)
Mark LaFerney Food/Driver Coordinator (So. Cnty.)
Sharon K. Office Coordinator (So. Cnty.)
Judy McBrady Office Coordinator (So. Cnty.)
Donna Mae V. Asst. Thrift Store Coordinator (So. Cnty.)
Ryan Radomski Thrift Store Receiving (So. Cnty.)  
Brock Guseman Thrift Store Receiving (High Ridge)  
Carol DeGuire Retired Co-Founder
John DeGuire Retired Co-Founder