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Food Help

Emergency Food Help

As the primary mission of Feed My People, anyone in need of emergency food can get either MO USDA commodities, FMP food, or both.

Long-Term Food Help

Long-term food help is available to those in the service area. Guidelines have been set for both MO USDA commodities and FMP food accordingly.  Qualifying clients receive nutritionally-balanced food twice a month.

Where Does the Food Come From?

Aside from the food we collect from individuals like you, and from food drives, we have partnered with the St. Louis Area Food Bank and Operation Food Search to fill in the rest.  The St. Louis Area Food Bank and Operation Food Search solicit businesses to donate food to food pantries as well as donations from food manufactures and growers across the country.
We also rely heavily on the "Give a Meal a Month" program, sponsored by the Interfaith Partnership. Over 125 churches in the Partnership sponsor food drives to benefit the food pantries throughout the area. This has helped us keep canned goods on hand through the long dry spell of summer. We also try to provide personal care supplies. Toilet paper, soap, hygiene products, etc. cannot be purchased with Food Stamps.
Feed My People is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Provider.